iQ-WebBook - A cloud-based booking engine for your hotel's website


iQ-WebBook is far more than another booking engine – it will help you increase revenue and provide your guests with great service and hospitality from the moment they consider booking at your hotel, all while costing a fraction of the commissions you’re used to paying from a third-party booking engine and you’ll enjoy tight integration with roomMaster, too.

Internally referred to as “The HBE Project” the iQ-WebBook marks a new chapter in the Fushnisoft development story. Involving an agile team of up to eight developers depending on workload, it covers an exciting range of cutting edge technologies, cloud infrastructure and integrations with existing systems resulting in a high performance solution to meet the clients requirements.

Making the most of Visual Studio Team Services Cloud-based collaboration services we created a tight knit global development process to help manage the project planning and development while keeping on top of the rapidly evolving requirements of such an ambitious scope. Coupled with VSTS hosted continuous integration, cloud based performance testing and direct deployment to Azure services allowed for automation when it makes sense and tight control where it is needed.

Multi-Tenant Administration Portal

  • Integration with the iQ-CRS (Central Reservation System) via SQL Anywhere database server.
  • Primarily fairly standard ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework 6.0, Bootstrap, Telerik.

Customizable Guest Booking Website

  • ASP.NET (Some MVC) with Entity Framework 6.0, WebApi, Bootstrap and AngularJS Framework.

Just some of the technology used in iQ-WebBook:

  • Entity Framework
  • KendoUI
  • Azure Redis caching
  • AutoMapper
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • bootstrap (bootswatch)
  • AreYouSure.js, CodeMirror.js, Cropper.js
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure Web App
  • SendGrid

Admin screenshots

Reservation screenshots