TMA Software - working together for over 15 years

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A Leading Provider of Community Transport and Community Service Software

An association going back before 2000 when Fushnisoft was Partridge System I have worked continuously since those early days on various applications and projects with TMA Software.

TRIPS 2015

Trips is a dedicated community transport management system. Capable of managing all aspects of a community transport service.

On Board Vehicle

Trips OBV is designed to replace paper base run lists and the associated manual data entry. It runs on an on-board computer and links directly to Trips Enterprise and 2015.


TMA Central is the central client database for the “Trips Enterprise”, “Caremaster” and “MnM” programs. It is HACC MDSv2 compatible (National and NSW formats) and imports from HADS and HSNet.


MnM (Home Modifications and Maintenance) is designed specifically for Home Modifications and Maintenance services.


Caremaster is a dedicated community services management system. It has been designed to support multi service organisations and can operate either stand alone or in conjunction with our other packages Trips (community transport) & MnM (Home Modifications and Maintenance).