What is the difference between Release and Train versus Release and Whitelist?

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In the SpamExperts Incoming mail Spam quarantine you have various options for dealing with quarantined emails.

In all cases of “release” the selected messages will subsequently appear in the recipient’s mail box.

Release and Train

This option will release the quarantined emails and also train the spam filter to better determine which messages are legitimate and will release similar ones in the future.

Choosing ‘Release and Train’, for one or several messages, might adversely affect the quality of filtering for all the existing users. Please avoid any mistakes in your selection!

Release and Whitelist

Selected messages will have their sender email addresses added to the spam filter whitelist. All subsequent messages from the same sender address will be automatically considered legitimate and pass through the spam filter.

The active whitelist can be managed from the Whitelist/Blacklist section of the sidebar:

You have chosen to release the email and whitelist their senders. Please note, spammers generally use fake ‘from’ addresses trying to match whitelisted senders so their spam emails bypass the checks.